Dora with Ascension and Julia

Don Alvaro and Dora: Laying Foundations in Rome

Dora en la Cripta
The tombs of Dora and Don Alvaro can be found next to each other in the crypt of Our Lady of Peace, Opus Dei’s Prelatic Church. St. Josemaria’s tomb can be found there as well.

Don Alvaro had already been living for a few months with St. Josemaria in the first Opus Dei center in Rome when, on 26 December 1946, he went with the founder of Opus Dei to pick up Dora at the Ciampino airport. Dora was coming with a few others from Spain to attend to the domestic organization of the house. The apartment where they were living was very close to St. Peter’s Square. When they caught sight of the dome of St. Peters, St. Josemaria invited them all to pray the Creed, so that in a certain sense the confession of faith would be their first “act” in Rome. Continue reading


Dora del Hoyo and Don Alvaro del Portillo

The stories of Dora del Hoyo and Alvaro del Portillo – both in process of canonization – are very much connected. Both responded with fidelity to God’s call to spread throughout the world the message that all of us can be saints in ordinary life, through ordinary work. And as it also happens, both of them would have celebrated their 100th birthdays this year, 2014. Continue reading


As Good as New

paño limpioIn February or March of this year, I was teaching a student how to take care of liturgical linens at a university residence. We were in the laundry and an item fell off the tray onto the floor, inside a narrow space between a counter and a washing machine. It was a ciborium veil of pure silk that had been made with great skill and love by a volunteer. When I picked it up, it had large blotches of orange grease on it, most likely machine grease from the washer. We were both horrified. Continue reading


My friends are Dora’s friends

amigasA few days before I needed Dora’s intercession, I encouraged a couple of friends to ask Dora’s help and taught them how to use the prayer card and also where to write the favour once Dora granted it.

Two of these friends found their cell phones, another was able to salvage her laptop after spilling tea on it, and another was able to remove a nasty stain from a silk fabric. All have yet to write their favours.
Continue reading


Hot Water!

aguaFor two days we didn’t have any hot water at home because the hot water heater was damaged, and at that time we weren’t able to buy another one. We entrusted the problem to Dora. While we were asking her, and before anyone had tried to repair it, what a surprise! Hot water started flowing for us. Later, a repairman came to look at it and found that there was nothing wrong. Dora’s help is quick and concrete. Thank you!

A.M.F.F. (Chile)


My New Shoes

tiendaI want to write about a small favor that Dora did for me today. A week ago, I bought a pair of shoes. I had only worn the shoes four times before they broke. Today I went to the shoe store to tell them what had happened, and I prayed to Dora. I asked her to help get the problem fixed quickly and at no additional cost. And that is what happened! As soon as I told the clerk about the problem, he was very apologetic and assured me that the shoes would be repaired in a few days.

Although this is a small favor, I promised Dora that I would write it up. Thanks so much.

M.N.V (Argentina)

Before God, no occupation is in itself great or small. Everything gains the value of the Love with which it is done